TZANEEN-PC-TECH is an online gadget store for technology and electronic equipment – We sell gadgets and electronics at affordable prices in South Africa.

Our gadget store sell electronics such as notebook batteries, computer parts, peripherals, Consumables, Stationery, smartphones, computers and other technology equipment. We realize that is more difficult to get some of the products without hassle and is why we developed our online store to bridge the gap. It can be that computer part you couldn’t find anywhere, then we go to extreme length to locate any supplier who hold such product at an affordable price for you.

The ability to shop sitting in your office or home becomes possible so that you can shop with a click of mouse. Customers within our Pick-Up points can collect their items and avoid shipping fees on their purchases. See Pick-Up Points>>

Our product delivery methods suit any type customer, you can elect to pick-up in selected locations, get your product delivered via PEP Paxi services or use the Courier method. We also realize that shipping fees increase the total amount for each order. Our various delivery methods enable our customers who can’t afford higher fees to choose alternative methods.

Also see Delivery and Pickup